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Mazzanti Evantra

Origami style_01_sketch
Origami style_02
Origami style_19_tech
Origami style_20_tech
  The Origami sytle bodykit is a new approach to modify the aesthetics of a vehicle. As the name suggests, the concept takes the main features from the world of origami - an ancient japanese paper-folding technique.
  The design of the bodykit tells it all - it consists of poligonally shaped elements which connect to the original body surfaces. Together these panels create a fresh new look of the car with the contrast of the original and the new panels together. Since by folding any shape can be created the seamline of the new panels follow precisely the original body shapes.
  The techology of the panels also derives from origami: the panels are shaped from one single sheet of material, which is cut out following a precise cad-file. The cut out panels are folded at the given edges after which they become three-dimensional pieces and reach their the final shape. The panels can be fixed to the car with visible or hidden screws, or even glued to the orginal body as a permanent solution. The technology of the concept allows also for multiple materials use. It can be folded form plastic panels as well as from sheet metal cutouts.
  Since the manufacture of the concept is based on a very commonly known method, the clients can choose from three options based on their DIY-spirit:
First option is the digital-package. Here you get the flat cutout files in a digital format, which you can get cut in a local workshop from your choice of material. The folding process can be also done by a CNC foldnig machine, or by hand if the material permits. The whole process is explained in a video tutorial and a digital handbook.
The second option is a flat-pack: pre-cut panels are made from your choice of material, and sent out. This allows a relatively small package size, thus lower shipping prices. The folding is then done on the client’s side.
The third option is a fully prepared bodykit where the cutout and folding is all done and the final, shaped panels are shipped to the client - just like a regulad bodykit panel would arrive.
  The idea of the concept can be trasferred to any kind of vehicle, the freedom of shaping the material by folding it up from a single sheet makes it very versatile. A similar poligonally shaped bodykit package can be designed and applied to any kind of vehicle of your choice.
  The pictures show the prototype of the concept which was manufactured form a foam-sheet material and attached to the vehicle by magnets. The protoype was presented at AMTS, Hungary’s largest tuning show in Budapest on 2022. may 27.

  As a new approach we are making this concept an open-source platform. If you would like to make your own kit, contact us and we will be happy to help by sending over the digital files and to give you support in the making.

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