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Product design projects

On this page you can browse a selection of our product design portfolio.

Az alábbiakban megtalálható néhány munka a termék design portfólónkból.

Drinking fountain

Design development of a modular drinking fountain, where one main design can incorporate numerous application setups. The project was sponsored by a hungarian design scolarship contest.

Remember Hungary souvenirs

With a team of architect friends we have designed and launched a new set of contemporary souvenirs in Budapest. The items were made from vivid colour satin-plexiglass by laser engraving and cutting. The souvenirs were sold in many shops around Budapest for a few years period.

Container upcycling

Various shipping container designs for different applications - shops, bars, cafés, or even a full hotel made of recycled containers modified for the actual requests.

Product display

Product display stands design and manufacture for the AZMT car parts brand. These displays were a complementing setup for the show truck.

Interior design

Complete interior design and rebuild follow process of the headquarter retail shop of UNIX car parts Hungary. Concept variations and renderings, construction plans for the rebuild.

Office desk

Design propsals for a new office desk with variable setup otions depending on the user needs.

Retail display

Small retail display design and prototype manufacture to house the most commonly used articles in a car parts store.

Breil MAGO concept

A men's watch concept developed for a design contest. The concept features asymmetric design elements and an unusual magnetic locking mechanism.

Locker handle

Development of a locker handle and the oprating wristband for gym and bath application with RFID operation. The nadle was design for both illuminated online and standard offline application. The product is on the market and used in many places, including the larges ice-skating venue of Budapest

Carbon suitcase

Design development of a carry-on size luggage which is lightweigth thanks to its carbon-fiber structure and also can be used as a temporay seat when waiting at the airports.

Exclusive door lock and handle

Re-design of an RFID door lock and hanlde system on existing mechanics. The design has to be exclusive appereance to suite high-class hotels and locations. This design is used in the hungarian patent headquarters offices.

Street furniture

Design of various street furniture collections, including benches, trash bins, bicycle holders, bus stops. Numerous design proposals made in form of 3D renderings, some prototypes created for validation.

Exhibition booth design

Various designs for exhibition areas. Different sizes, different approaches from one-off internal use to multiple external use solutions.

Interactive hub

Based on the existing RFID solutions, a hub was designed to integrate solutions for fintess, bath and workspace applications. The hub communicates with the central computer to show information on the screen. A card-reader and a touch-keypad was added to the system for door lock or restricted entry solutions.

Architectural visualization

Interior and exterior renderings for various architectural viasualization projects.

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